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Impeccable Wines x International Destination

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Napa Valley

Our high quality wines are all vinted and bottled in world-renowned Napa Valley, California.


Holy Site

Our wine collection is created in honor of the Holy Site of MonteMaria, Batangas, Philippines and 9th largest statue in the World.



Our wine collection is branded as a collectible, luxury-lifestyle, specialty item, but priced with consumers of all age ranges in mind. 

Wine View

Wine Industry Outlook

The global wine market continues to significantly rise each year. In 2020, the wine industry was estimated to reach over $326 Billion despite the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic. By 2027, the wine industry is estimated to harvest at over $436 Billion.


Global Niche Market

MonteMaria Cellars is launched in commemoration of the 500th Year Anniversary of Christianity in the Philippines happening in 2021. Today, there are over 2.3 Billion Christians around the World with over 110 million in the Philippines alone.


Advertising & Marketing

In collaboration with the Asian Journal Media Group, our extensive multimedia advertising and marketing campaign aims to fuel sales—enabling our products to connect with nearly 5 million Filipino-Americans living and working in the USA. Today, the Filipino-American community has the 2nd highest median income in the country at $83,000.

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